Because one shop couldn’t possibly be enough work, I have opened a second etsy shop! I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking this morning. is my jewelry site is my photography site.

I have SO many photos to go through now. I’ve always been told that I needed to start selling my photography and just now thought that it might be a good idea! Hopefully it goes over well. Since it has gotten warm out, sales have dropped dramatically. Which is ok I guess, since people should be enjoying the weather instead of being online.

Hopefully I can keep up with two as well if they get busy. I am a single mom, college student, and apartment manager. Which is why all of this is so crazy. But I would gladly drop the apartment manager thing if my etsy stores make me money! Speaking of which, I have more photos to go through!!!

Let me know if there are any kinds of photos that you would be interested in. Like I said, I have tons so I’m sure I have something for everyone.


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