Chemical Dependancy

So what chemicals are you dependent on? And no I am not talking about drugs. I am talking about all the products we buy that are chock full of chemicals. Words we can’t pronounce and we are not sure at all what they are.  I just can’t help but wonder how dangerous those things can be. And no, I’m not going to run off and claim that your laundry detergent will cause cancer.

But almost everything in our homes are filled with random chemicals whether it is to make your clothes softer, your hair smoother, or to make anything you own smell better. I was going to take a picture of my medicine cabinet to prove my point but I think you get it.

So lately, because I think a lot, I have taken a couple steps to remove some of these chemicals from my home.

First, I purchase handmade laundry detergent. I can pronounce all the ingredients AND I know what they are! (amazing, right?)

Second, I bought dryer balls. No more chemical-laden dryer sheets. You can buy these with essential oil scents as well. I didn’t get scented ones and I was surprised that my clothes still smelled clean. And have been less wrinkly, and me, less itchy, since we started using them. I did finally cave in and buy some essential oils, because I also intend on making my own cleaners as well. And since I hate the smell of vinegar, I will add some lilac essential oil to it. Maybe I will be more motivated to clean if my house will smell like lilacs!

Third, we started using handmade soap. My children also use California baby shampoo. No more eczema or weird rashes in this household! We almost never have to use lotion anymore either.

We have also quit using air fresheners of any sort. These can not be good for anyone. Seriously. I was cleaning a house for someone who had automatic air fresheners all over and the residue from them was EVERYWHERE! Imagine what that does to your lungs! I know it takes a little more effort, but if your home smells bad, figure out where the smell is coming from and clean it! Or at least open your windows.

So now that I have shared a little bit about us, what do you do to avoid unnecessary chemicals in your home? Or do you not think it matters? I’m curious.


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