Finally a new blog!

So I realized it has been quite a while since I have posted. I have been so busy lately with class, work, kids, and my store. It has been craziness. So I thought if nothing else, I could at least post the new designs I have listed. Because they are pretty!

Strawberry lemonade Necklace










Perfect sunny, sweet necklace for summer.  Sits right on your collar bone. Perfect match for a sundress. Looks great with my black tube top.

Olive green button necklace








Made with a lot of vintage buttons. I adore this necklace. This one also sits right at the collar bone. Fun, chunky and totally a one of a kind necklace.









I so wish I had this necklace in high school. Black and red clothes, accessories, and hair were mandatory rocker attire.

I am remaking my wine and pearls in paris necklace since it has already sold twice.

not currently listed









Probably the most popular item I have made. No two are ever exactly alike. Now I have real wine colored pearls instead of the glass ones on here and different vintage cream colored pearls.



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