Winter and Candy

It is no big surprise to anyone who has ever met me, that I hate winter. But since I am stuck in Minnesota, I have to make the best of it. So this year, I am starting a photography journal. Hopefully it will remind me that there are beautiful things about this time of year.

The first thing I did this morning was to take pictures of the frost. Since we have no snow, I am stuck with the stuff I scrape off my car.

My car window


After snapping these shots, my son and I frantically scraped it all off and got into the warm car. Sub-zero temps aren’t really conducive to taking photos.

We also started the process of making rock candy. I might be more excited than the kids are.

I bought an awesome ring from and she included rock candy with my purchase and that kicked off this new adventure.

rock candy (or the start of it)

I love this picture. We are making red, green, purple, and teal. I swear I check them every 30 minutes when I am home. I can’t help it. I don’t LOVE science for them most part, but stuff like this is so cool. Hopefully in a day or two, we will start to see the crystals forming!


2 thoughts on “Winter and Candy

  1. Erin Haise says:

    I Love that you are making rock candy!! I had fun making mine!

  2. Nina Banks says:

    Heather, the energy and ambition that you follow through with while being a single mom is just amazing! Watching you take on all of the challenges and still be creative and fabulous is really great to watch!

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