Day Two

First: Never leave your camera at home when doing a photography blog. Seriously. I saw so many amazing things to photograph yesterday and all I had was my cell phone, which is worthless.

I saw a cyclone of thousands of geese yesterday. They must have been circling water. Had I brought my camera, I never would have gone home. So many cool things and no time to photograph it.

Yesterday I got an 18 cent check. That was awesome. I had to photograph it just for proof. Ridiculous.

I am expediting my passport, jumping on a private jet and going to Toronto to party with my Canadian friends. Because I am loaded now!

I think I ate half a bag of these today. Not good. Too much stress at work today. I love my job, but it is leading to an insane amount of chocolate consumption.

And I got to drive into this today:

It doesn’t look so bad here, but let me tell you, my camera filters out a lot of excess light. It is a good thing this road is super straight. It was so bright that it messed up my camera for a while.

That random blob in the middle of the picture is not anything on my lens. I checked several times. I took about 40 more pics like that, but now it is fine.

I have to end the blog here because it is 10 pm and my child is still awake!


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