yes, I really took a picture of this in the grocery store. I'm ok with looking crazy for a sweet photo.


I think for most people, the start of the new year brings up dreams of being a size smaller and desires to eat healthier. That is usually my goal, but this year, my goal is to make bread that is gluten free that actually tastes good! I was depressed for months when I moved to Minnesota because they didn’t sell the bread that I loved when I lived in California. So imagine how dramatic is was to find out that most gluten free breads make you want to cut off your taste buds! Even the best tasting gluten free bead I can find still leaves something to be desired. It is too dry and crumbly. And I don’t like to have to take a drink just to be able to swallow a bite of a sandwich.

If I am not needed at my second job today, I am going to try to make gluten free english muffins. I have a great gluten free flour, so I am just going to use that instead of wheat flour and pray for the best. This flour hasn’t let me down yet! If it turns out well, I will share the recipe. If not, I will sit in the corner and cry and then eat some Christmas candy to help me feel better.


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