Chivalry is dead – single forever

I had about 10 titles for this blog. Those are two of them.

I think I have decided to be single forever. It will be less annoying that way. In the past three years, when I have found a “Christian” guy, within a day, the are trying to get me to have sex with them. What is the deal with that? Yes it is nice to know you are attracted to me, but could they keep it in their pants for a while?
It happens so consistently that I could time out the conversation. I should start placing bets because I would make a lot of money!

What happened to dating, making a woman feel special, spending time with them?
I mean seriously, if you want to sleep with someone 5 minutes after you meet them, get a hooker. That is what they are there for. (not that I condone prostitution)

This isn’t even saying that I don’t want a guy to think about sex often. I don’t care. Just don’t talk to me about it for a while. Treat me like a lady before you want me to be your lover.
So that said, I am done. Unless some miracle happens, and a MAN comes into my life, I am just done.


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