Community my butt

I have been an etsy seller for almost a year and a shopper on etsy long before that. This weekend, they shut down my store.

Why? Because I sent messages to team members regarding a team activity that they had asked to be notified about. And I’m not the only one.

No one ever gave me bad feedback. My shop was rather successful. I promoted the heck out of etsy because of what a wonderful place it used to be.

There is nothing wonderful about it now. People are panicked that their shop will be next. No one wants to talk to any one for fear of retribution from etsy.

As  a single mother, I was dependent on my income from etsy. I have a “real” job, but that isn’t enough to cover all my expenses.

Here is the petition that is out regarding this issue. I don’t know how many other shops have been shut down, but people are upset for sure.

I know I only have three followers on here, but I need to get the word out however I can.


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