Kony 2012

In response to all the controversy surrounding the Kony 2012 video on youtube:

Common sense says, that if you doubt how Invisible Children Inc is managing their finances, don’t send them money. It is really that simple. You don’t have to support this one group to support the cause to stop Kony.
He is very real. The LRA is very real. And voicing your concern is as simple as retweeting the info put out regarding this horrid man, posting something on facebook, heck, there are even images all over on pinterest now. Send a letter the people in Washington DC who have the clout and resources to figure out a way to capture Kony.
As Christians, and simply as human beings, we should not turn our back on this injustice. Ever. If someone kidnapped my daughter and turned her into a sex slave and kidnapped my son and gave him a gun, the whole country would be all over it. But because this is happening in a country far away and doesn’t effect us, it has been ignored. It is time that we focus our resources on stopping crimes against humanity instead of fighting for oil or land or whatever the heck else we waste our time and money on.
I have plenty of family in the military. I would rather see them in Africa hunting this guy down than on a battle field fighting for the oil I need to drive my car.
Screw oil. Children are being taken from their homes. Forced to kill their parents. Forced into being sex slaves. This MUST be stopped. Controversy be damned. Step up to the plate, buy a stamp and send a letter to congress. Send an email. Post a picture. But do not ignore this. Ignoring what this man has done because of doubt is just as much of a crime as what he has done.


Another thought:

Do your own research. we live in a great time where information on practically everything is available to us.  Learn. Research. Don’t just go off of what blogs say and facebook pages say. Or even videos on youtube. Do your research. The information is there. It just needs to be read. Talk to people who have been to Africa and have seen first hand what Kony has done.


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