Holy busyness batman!

So after I got kicked off etsy, my business was dead. Dead dead. Like I was certain I would never sell another piece of jewelry again. Cause being a new shop doesn’t really excite anyone.

They don’t know if they can trust you as a seller.

But now. Now I am swamped. And exhausted. I love it. I want 41 Stars Studio to be my real job. Not that I don’t love my day job, cause I do, but I love my jewelry store more.

I have to give tophatter.com lots of props for this insanity.

In the last month, I have made a killing over there and items are selling faster than I can stock them.

Not complaining at all. Means I can buy more supplies, which I like doing more than making jewelry!

I would list photos of my new jewelry, but everything I have photographed is listed and I don’t want to hunt for the photos right now.

But you can look at them all 🙂




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