Ok…I have been selling on Tophatter for a while now and i have noticed there are tons and tons and tons of people who believe that certain crystals/rocks etc. can heal them. And i don’t get this at all.

Can’t deny. I am  a Christian. I believe God can heal me. I also believe that he provides other ways to be healed.

The thing that I have noticed is that in most of the listings regarding these crystals, they almost all say the same thing. That that particular stone will ground you, will align you chakras, what have you.

I am not trying to judge, just trying to understand why people put so much faith in a mineral formation.

I truly do want people to respond to this with actual answers. I like to learn and this is just something that I don’t get. At this point I have to assume that it is more of a placebo effect. That a person believes that a certain stone can heal them, so when they wear it, they feel better.



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  1. I have seen that all over – I’m a Christian as well and don’t necessarily believe a mineral can heal you but I’ve always been the “to each their own” kind of person and let them be who they are and believe what they want. I’m interested to hear what other’s have to say as well. Hopefully we both get some answer 🙂

  2. vicky genge says:

    I think that given the metaphysical state they are looking for, it may be to your benefit to research so you can say, “it has been said…” or “research shows that….” YOU DO NOT have to change your beliefs to fit others beliefs! If nothing else, do it as a business owners perspective, offer additional info on “healing properties” but let them know you are not as familiar with this as you do not use them for such purposes. I have done that on cards with the moonstone earrings. I put a blurb about “Throughout history Moonstone has been believed to ….” that way you acknowledge their belief but do not embrace it. hope that helps. 🙂

  3. I just really hope that someone who really believes that this works answers. Cause I am curious. I just want to understand. That is all. I like learning and this has piqued my interest for sure. And I also like to learn so I can understand more about people in general. And this seems like a very wide spread thing. And I kinda feel out of the loop. I don’t want answers from google or wikipedia. I want answers from real people.

  4. Lori Ventimiglia says:

    As with many beliefs, it is all legends and folklore from many cultures that have attributed special powers or healing powers to gemstons. Can carrying a piece of amethyst keep an addict from using drugs? No. But, like you mentioned the “placebo” effect, if they believe that it will and they rub the stone between their fingers instead of searching for their next fix. So be it. Do emeralds really aid fertility? No. But if adding them to a fertility bracelet helps a woman learn to recognize when she is ovulating during her cycle by counting the stones, and she concieves, yes, she may believe the stone helped her.

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