Lots to catch up on

Ok. Since my last post, about a zillion things have happened, so I am going to try to give the short version and expound in later posts.

First, going a week with only limited time online was the best thing I have ever done. Ever. EVER. So much so that I obviously quite writing in here and have had to force myself to respond to emails. I’ve just found better things to do. Sadly, I still haven’t found time to get my apartment clean. haha.

Second, I met a guy. And because of my job, we can’t date. But then he had the gall to tell me that I am broken. Which is so not true anymore. 2 years ago..absolutely. but not anymore. (much more detail on this to come for sure)

Third, I found out yesterday that my Grandpa has terminal brain cancer. It is possible that in two weeks, it will be the last time I ever see him. And that sucks ass. So much. He is 82, so you do expect that he will die at some point, but to be told it will be 6 months from now, if we are lucky is a little too much to handle.

But, it is late, and the dog really needs to go for a walk.


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