Lord of ALL

Jesus, you are The Lord of ALL. Sang that in church today. Proclaimed that in church today. But have you thought about what that real means?

He is Lord of your time. Are you using the hours of your day wisely? Is there something you could be doing during the day that would honor Him?

He is The Lord of your money. (Ouch. That one always hurts.) Are you tithing? Are you buying things you don’t need? Are you trusting Him to provide for all of your needs? All money is His and He has said, if I provide for the birds, how much more will I provide for my children? This doesn’t mean that you are going to be a millionaire tomorrow, but He can and will provide for your needs if you ask.

He is The Lord of your past, present, and future. Let Him remove the control your past choices have on you. Let go of your hold on your past, that is so stuck in you because you think you can’t change. Let Him be The Lord of your day today. Trust Him to be The Lord of your future.

He is The Lord of the water and the air, the land, the animals. All if it!!! He made everything and rules over everything, the thought is almost to big to comprehend.

Start small and let Him be Lord over one aspect of your life right now. Just set aside time for Him each day if you haven’t been, give a tithe to your church each week, ask Him to help remove the chains from your past. He is Lord if all. He can handle it. The more you let Him reign in the small things, the easier it will be to let Him reign in the big things in your life. Let Him be Lord in you.


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