Tolerance and respect

It has been forever since I posted, but I’m not the type to post without some thing to say. And today I have something to say.
Before I begin, please read what I say. All of it. Don’t assume what I will say after reading the next few sentences. You don’t know me. Give me a chance to talk about how I think without putting me in a blanket category. Then, if you choose to comment, be polite, respectful and calm. I’ve seen way too many people get way to worked up over this. I’m not picking a fight. I’m having an opinion. Which I am allowed to have and have and will have with the utmost respect to those who don’t share it.

Here goes.

Gay marriage legislation was passed in Minnesota today.
I’m a Christian. (This is why I asked you to read all that I have to say first)
I believe that gay marriage is wrong. My gay friends know that I feel that way. Yet, they have no problems with me. And we exist just fine together. I’m respectful of their beliefs and they are respectful of mine.
But why is it that this scenario is so rare? Why do I as a Christian HAVE to respect what everyone else believes when everyone else feels the need to freak out when I talk about what I believe?
I’m not a faultless person. I’m lucky if I make it 5 minutes without sinning some days. So I feel that I have no place in judging anyone else.
But I’m shunned for having an opinion. When I posted on Facebook today that I was disappointed in Minnesota’s choice, I actually had to put a disclaimer in there reminding people that I haven’t judged them for who they are and that attacking me would not be tolerated.
I haven’t bothered to see how many friends I have lost over having an opinion. I’m hoping they are bigger than that.
I watched a pastor get more or less verbally assaulted because he mentioned that he could now be arrested for hate crimes because he won’t marry a gay couple. (This has actually happened).
Why should a church be forced to do something against what they teach?

I’m just so frustrated by all of this (the lack of mutual respect, that is) and it has been weighing on my mind for a while so I felt it was time to bring it up.
Maybe someone out there has some good insights.


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