I am up way to late tonight but I need to get this out of my head.
Lately I have been praying for God’s favor. We are trying to pay off debt as fast as we can so we can buy a house so I’ve been praying for sales in my two stores or garage sale money or whatever.
And for a while I was feeling like I didn’t have His favor because I’m not getting what I wanted.
I stayed up late working tonight and I decided to listen to some talks/sermons/interviews and it was incredible how they all flowed together and spoke to my situation.

As children of God we have His favor. We have access to Him all the time. Just like my kids have access to me and my love all the time. But when they are fighting, whining, etc., they don’t get the fun things in life. They don’t get treats or play dates or toys when they are doing something that goes against what rules I have set before them. And it is the same way with God. When we are gossiping and judging and sinning against God, He has no reason to give us the things we want. It isn’t that we don’t have His favor because He is still with us, we still have access to everything, but sometimes He holds back the things that we are asking for. Maybe because we can’t be responsible for it yet. Maybe because we have sinned and haven’t dealt with it. Maybe because He told us to do something and we ignored Him.
As a parent sometimes you have to withhold things from your child because they need to learn a lesson. Again , you are still their parent, you still love them but through withholding you are also showing them love by letting them learn a lesson.
The prodigal son could be used as an example of always being in favor with God. He screwed up but his father as still there waiting for Him. Still accessible.

I hope this makes sense and isn’t totally off base.


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