Merry Christmas!

Christmas gets to be a long holiday when you celebrate 4 times! Last one is on Saturday. So thankful that my kids understand that Jesus is the reason that we celebrate. (Though they got more than enough stuff.)

Oh I lied. We have 5 Christmases. We celebrate with my mom’s side in January.

We did really well with eating food before it went bad. Used a lot of stuff up that just was sitting around. The only exception was some oranges we bought that were really squishy when we opened the bag. Next time I will pay attention when I buy them!

We did really well shopping with coupons the other day. Got a cart full of groceries for $100. Well kind of. Half of that price was a new purse with a matching wallet!
Really looking forward to the next time we shop so I can see how much we save.
Our next goal is to pay off our debts as fast as possible. We have $69,000 in debt right now because if crazy student loans, a stupid car loan and two credit cards. I’m selling tons of stuff on eBay to pay off one card and it is slowly working. We also have a local garage sale site on FB that I am going to sell stuff on that we don’t need.
With our new mortgage coming up quickly, I need to start making a decent amount of money each month while being a stay at home mom.
At some point this year I have to set my business goals for next year and those goals will definitely involve paying off bills.
I have decided what jewelry types that I am going to focus on making so my next project is to go through all my beads and start selling the stuff that I won’t use. And then no more buying new supplies until one if the credit cards is paid off!

But right now I’m just going to curl up on the couch with my kids and watch a movie.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas!


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