Gluttonous Hoarding of Stuff

I come to you embarrassed and slightly annoyed tonight. I hate when I’m ready to sleep and God is like, “hey, got a news flash for you. Now you need to stay up for hours pondering this and the human condition.” What does that even mean anyway… The human condition? Hmmm… Something to ponder another night.
Anyway, we are packing because in theory we are closing on our house within the week. (Won’t believe it til the keys are in my hand, but it is wise to be prepared). And I realized that even with my garage 75% full of stuff, that my apartment is still full and we can comfortably live without anything we put in there. Any of it! There is not a blessed thing in the garage that we need.
What insanity is that? Except that for most people who have access to this blog that it is the norm. I had 6 (6!) bottles of hair products on my counter and that was after I packed a ton of stuff in the bathroom. And honestly, my hair almost never leaves a ponytail.
I’m kind of disgusted honestly. No wonder we have credit card debt. We purchased all this crap. Yes I’m sure one day it will get used, but seriously. Probably could have waited until we ran out or wore out something else.
I’m planning a huge purging of stuff as we go through boxes. Maybe I’ll sell enough to pay off a card or two. But then comes the learning and training part so we don’t end up with a house full of stuff again. This is mostly training me by the way. I shop when stressed and it is not good. My husband sometimes is an enabler which doesn’t help either.
I wonder how much stuff we would never miss if we just left the boxes closed? I can’t even tell you half of what is out there. Except my shoes. I could tell you every single pair of shoes that I packed up.
I sponsor a little boy in Guatemala who runs the risk of not having food unless I send him money and yet every month I spend ten times that amount on stuff. (K, maybe not ten times but you get the hint. I could probably support 3 or 4 kids with the money we waste each month. Had we not racked up credit card debt I could support at least eight kids with the money we are paying on those bills. It all just seems so wasted now, you know? I don’t even know what we charged on those cards.


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