Post surgery

Having surgery sucks when you are a type a personality. (I’m sure it sucks for everyone honestly).
I’m going crazy. I can’t do anything except sit and watch tv or sleep. I don’t know how people choose to be lazy.
Anyway, I have a disease called pseudo-tumor cerebrii, I make to much spinal fluid and after years of ignoring my doctor I finally caved and had the shunt put in my head. Before this we were doing spinal taps every couple months. But the last couple times I have ended up in the hospital for days afterward. Not really a good solution any longer. So here is hoping that this will be a final fix. (In a way that means I get to spend the rest of my life worrying about brain infections and the tubing plugging up.)

On a bright note, I ordered a ton of the supplies for my bath and body shop today. (Called Heatherwood Spa) It will be on etsy and thecraftstar and Facebook. Very much looking forward to this. I also think I have finally settled on what type of jewelry I am going to make so I am going to get that supply order in this week as well! I’m so so excited for the future.
We just got moved into our house so I have a studio and if winter ever ends I will have my awesome gardens. We even have plans to expand our family now. But that will be a while.
This is such a dramatic difference from even a year ago. At that point everything was day to day living wondering if my kids and I would get through this in one piece. And now I’m watching God put all these things together in ways that we never expected.
We even have a new puppy who we all love insanely. He makes for a good recovery pal when he is calm. Even our other dog likes him, which is truly a miracle because she does not like other dogs.
My pain meds are kicking in and making it hard to focus so I’m out for now!


2 thoughts on “Post surgery

  1. Oh, Heather, I’m so glad that is a picture of a puppy! I know you said you were having surgery, and I saw the picture and the word ‘surgery’, and thought the picture might have been something you had removed during surgery! haha! Love your new workspace, and hopefully with improved health will come easier work time and increased joy in your creations! Best of luck on your recovery and product expansion!! 🙂

    • Ha! I’m glad it isn’t something they removed! They added a lot of equipment to my body. Couldn’t get them to remove fag while I was there. Lol. That is a picture of my tiny 3 lb mini dachshund. Who is currently teething and very clingy.

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