This woman right here is super super thankful for her husband. We have been married a little over a year and he is raising my two children and it has been crazy. I don’t know how he has stuck around this long.

I’m so thankful that he puts up with all my health crap. Because that has been the focus of our relationship from the word go.

He puts up with my hare-brained ideas. (which flow like rivers). Why yes, I do have more than one small business and just opened another, and yes, I’m barely healthy enough to run the ones that I have. But I’m going to order several hundred dollars in bath and body supplies. And he wanted me to. 

He totally believes in me and is willing to support me. I’m much much happier working from home. I like my businesses and want to make them into something besides little side projects. I want to home school my children. (kinda) So he works and is more than happy to let me stay home and do what needs to be done here even though money is tight and life isn’t always as fun as it could be if I was working. I’m rather introverted, so I’m not very fun when I am working to be totally honest. People suck the life out of me.

He totally agrees with me that we should be working harder on providing the healthiest, chemical free, med free (as much as possible) organic food environment that we can for my kids, but will totally buy me a box of Froot Loops because I believe that they will  magically make me recover from surgery faster.

He puts limits on the stupid things that I am allowed to do. I push myself way too hard. I honestly would be really angry at anyone who would push someone the way I push myself. Because it is almost abusive. But he makes me relax. Like sneakily putting away all the laundry after I said I could do it even though I just had brain surgery. 

And the most important thing is that he loves me for me. He doesn’t care that I have gained a zillion pounds since we started dating because I am always sick. He doesn’t care that I almost never wear anything but sweatpants. (cause quite frankly, why would I wear jeans when I am always home. Saves us tons of money because I don’t wear them out. I’m really short and refuse to hem my jeans, so they get wrecked fast.)

I’m pretty sure he would be declared totally insane and locked away for marrying me. Either that is the case or God knew exactly what he was doing when we met each other. (probably the latter) 

Anyway, I don’t do sappy face to face, so I will do it here and let him read it. 🙂


FYI, the Froot Loops taste awful. Kinda want to cut my tongue off right now. I’ll go back to eating grapes.



One thought on “Thankful.

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about motivation to shed pounds.

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