Finally working!!

What a long three weeks recovering. But I am finally working again and getting my spa line made and listed today! Mind you it will take about a month before I have gotten everything made, but at least I have started!


Orange Grove and Lavender Chamomile bath bombs. They are big enough for at least two if not 4 baths!

Bath bombs are started. I should have one more scent done today and they will be listed tomorrow once they dry. I even made samples (the little balls) for people to try! My hands smell like the orange grove ones right now and it is heavenly.


Herbal Bath Salts

These bath salts smell amazing as well. Great way to turn your bath into something fragrant and relaxing.


Margarita Sugar Lip Scrub

This lip scrub is my favorite product. Winter destroys lips in MN. Whether the super cold weather or your furnace sucking all the moisture out of the air. This stuff is super moisturizing and helps scrub up all the dry skin from your lips.

I’m having way more fun making this stuff than I am making jewelry lately. This summer I will have two booths going at shows for this line and the jewelry. I am very very excited!

And you know those “small business” things on Facebook talking about how buying from small business owners helps pay for dance lessons? It does. This is how I pay for my daughter to be in a great gymnastics class an hour from home that her favorite person in the world coaches and how I pay for my son to be in Tae Kwon Do with two amazing Christian coaches. I could go get a “real job” but then I wouldn’t have time to be a mom and let them do these things either!



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