So I moved back to Minnesota from Northern California almost exactly 8 years ago.
And I have hated every minute of it. Even after I remarried. Even after we bought a house.
I hated living here. I felt so disconnected. My friends and “family” were all back in California and so was a huge piece of my heart.

And it occurred to me today, after almost 8 years of sulking and dreaming of the mountains, that I no longer hate being here.
I may not have super close friends but I have a group of people that I love being with.
I have a church that I love.
I have a husband and a house.
But ultimately am finally starting to realize why God moved me back here.
What my “calling” is.
Because for 8 years I had been totally lost in that regard. He has always, always made it clear that singing was my thing. But small town Minnesota doesn’t have many options for that.
I’ve been singing at our Wednesday night service for most of the year but recently I’ve realized that I want to be more than just the background singer. I want to work within our worship ministry.
I have huge dreams for our church and our town and I see God moving more and more.
This is the place in my church, in my life that God wants to use me. Where I can minister to others. Where I can be useful for His kingdom.

All these missing puzzle pieces from years ago when I first started school are now falling into place.


4 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I think I would love to live where you do. CA is nice, but I might feel a calling in Minnesota. Enough open space to appreciate all the world has to offer.

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