The Cadence Collection

I have finally gotten The Cadence Collection started!

I had planned on starting a higher end jewelry collection featuring only gemstone and sterling silver/gold jewelry for quite a while now and never had gotten around to it. But this summer I miscarried and everything seemed to come together after that. 41 Stars Studio is named for my kids (their birthdays + my hope for them to fulfill the verse Philippians 2:14-15) and The Cadence Collection is in honor/memory of my little girl who was born into heaven.

It is a project in the making. Slowly adding new designs. The focus will be on small gemstone pieces that are hand-cut and micro-faceted (super sparkley) 

There will also (at some point) be customized pieces that can be made in memory of a passed loved one or birthstone necklaces. At shows, it will be similar to origami owl in the regard that I will have all the pieces with me and you can choose the chain, charm, gemstones etc.  It is taking longer to get this process started as I haven’t found the exact charms that I was looking for and the start up cost of buying all those items is quite expensive.

But I trust that other items will sell and give me the funds I need to do this. I refuse to have a debt funded business, so I won’t take out a loan for start up costs. (if you want a necklace before I get that far, email me and I can custom order the items needed for individual necklaces.

I have no ultrasounds or anything to remember my daughter by, so my necklace that I made for her was a huge help for me. Knowing that I can wear her memory close to my heart makes each day easier. I’m hoping to be able to share that little piece of healing with others.


Check it out at

IMG_5292 IMG_5293 IMG_5317 IMG_5323IMG_5350


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