My day in pictures



Finally have some new inspiration for my jewelry line. Took apart several old pieces to make some new jewelry (way cooler jewelry at that. Opening a new store on a new site tomorrow as well)

Dropped off my daughter for camp today and on the way home was blinded by this gorgeous sunset. Made driving a little dangerous as it was right in my face but so worth it.


Post surgery

Having surgery sucks when you are a type a personality. (I’m sure it sucks for everyone honestly).
I’m going crazy. I can’t do anything except sit and watch tv or sleep. I don’t know how people choose to be lazy.
Anyway, I have a disease called pseudo-tumor cerebrii, I make to much spinal fluid and after years of ignoring my doctor I finally caved and had the shunt put in my head. Before this we were doing spinal taps every couple months. But the last couple times I have ended up in the hospital for days afterward. Not really a good solution any longer. So here is hoping that this will be a final fix. (In a way that means I get to spend the rest of my life worrying about brain infections and the tubing plugging up.)

On a bright note, I ordered a ton of the supplies for my bath and body shop today. (Called Heatherwood Spa) It will be on etsy and thecraftstar and Facebook. Very much looking forward to this. I also think I have finally settled on what type of jewelry I am going to make so I am going to get that supply order in this week as well! I’m so so excited for the future.
We just got moved into our house so I have a studio and if winter ever ends I will have my awesome gardens. We even have plans to expand our family now. But that will be a while.
This is such a dramatic difference from even a year ago. At that point everything was day to day living wondering if my kids and I would get through this in one piece. And now I’m watching God put all these things together in ways that we never expected.
We even have a new puppy who we all love insanely. He makes for a good recovery pal when he is calm. Even our other dog likes him, which is truly a miracle because she does not like other dogs.
My pain meds are kicking in and making it hard to focus so I’m out for now!

New way of living.

I have been talking to the kids about other ways to save and make money. 

Recycling is one of them.

Not just the “put everything in the recycling bin” recycling, but more useful ways.

I save canning jars that I got for free to store homemade body scrubs, lotions and facial masks. I don’t have to buy that stuff ever again and the stuff I make is SO much better for me than the chemical filled stuff from the stores. And in the summer, I use those jars for homemade jam and applesauce.  Because the scrubs and stuff are made with entirely edible items, I don’t have to worry about anything gross accidentally contaminating my foods that store in those jars.  

I’ve started watering my non-food plants with dirty fish water. While technically we are going to save money doing that because I have to fill up the fish bowl again, we are going to save money on plant food.

I know you can do this with food plants too but my stomach turns at the thought of it. I really like my plants so I want to keep them alive and healthy. They also help clean the air in our house which helps with my asthma and allergies.

We also are keeping toilet paper rolls for our hamsters. The baby loves hiding in his. We also will have a fire place and on a tv show, I saw a guy use his dryer lint in a toilet paper tube as a fire starter. So we will consider that. I’m pretty adamant about not keeping trash for any reason, but it seems like it will be useful. Plus that fire place will save us a bundle on our heating bill. 

We use plastic grocery bags to clean up after our dog. I swear I will never ever buy bags to do that. I also use them for garbage bags because I hate paying for something that I just throw away.

We are going to quit using paper towels as well once we get into our house. I don’t do it now because we don’t always have quarters to do laundry or not enough laundry to justify a load and I won’t pay to wash one thing. But once we move we will have our own machine to do laundry in, so soiled towels can get washed right away without having to scavenge for quarters.

I also got them to purge their rooms the other day. The whole experience was quite incredible. We started with a common area (the coloring table) and had them sort and put things away and throw away things that they no longer wanted. We had a bag for garbage, a bag for selling and then they put what they wanted to keep back into the box. 

Then I had them grab one small box of stuff from their rooms and do the same thing. They were really excited to see how much more they could fit into the boxes when they got rid of stuff they didn’t want! They got rid of 5 grocery bags of garbage and broken toys and two huge bags of toys to put on a garage sale. I was SO proud of them. And they were proud of themselves as well. My daughter found a bunch of doll clothes that needed to be repaired and instead of throwing them out and wanting new ones, she asked me to sew them up so she could keep using them. That was also a huge step for her, especially since she knows how long it takes me to get around to repairing things. (I’ve had a shirt sitting out to fix for two months now but I swear I am getting out my needle and thread today to fix this stuff. And super glue for my son’s stuff)

What are some ways you reuse stuff? 

Right now though I have to keep putting the stuff that I am purging from my jewelry line and supplies shop onto eBay. (link should take you to my selling page if I did it right) Not making as much as I want, but I have made enough to pay a credit card bill and if I can do that every month that will free up money for other things. My goal is to sell enough to pay off that entire bill by June.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas gets to be a long holiday when you celebrate 4 times! Last one is on Saturday. So thankful that my kids understand that Jesus is the reason that we celebrate. (Though they got more than enough stuff.)

Oh I lied. We have 5 Christmases. We celebrate with my mom’s side in January.

We did really well with eating food before it went bad. Used a lot of stuff up that just was sitting around. The only exception was some oranges we bought that were really squishy when we opened the bag. Next time I will pay attention when I buy them!

We did really well shopping with coupons the other day. Got a cart full of groceries for $100. Well kind of. Half of that price was a new purse with a matching wallet!
Really looking forward to the next time we shop so I can see how much we save.
Our next goal is to pay off our debts as fast as possible. We have $69,000 in debt right now because if crazy student loans, a stupid car loan and two credit cards. I’m selling tons of stuff on eBay to pay off one card and it is slowly working. We also have a local garage sale site on FB that I am going to sell stuff on that we don’t need.
With our new mortgage coming up quickly, I need to start making a decent amount of money each month while being a stay at home mom.
At some point this year I have to set my business goals for next year and those goals will definitely involve paying off bills.
I have decided what jewelry types that I am going to focus on making so my next project is to go through all my beads and start selling the stuff that I won’t use. And then no more buying new supplies until one if the credit cards is paid off!

But right now I’m just going to curl up on the couch with my kids and watch a movie.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas!

New Way Of Thinking

So… I am now jobless with the exception of my jewelry/bead businesses. Which is SUPER scary to me. Partly because we are in the middle of the process of buying a house.

And I’m no fool. I’ve looked at our budget and with student loan debts, credit card debt from the trip to my grandpa’s funeral and the stupid (yes, stupid) car loan, money is going to be really really tight. Like hard to breathe tight.

Not active looking for a job right now because we are trusting God that our bills will get paid, jewelry and beads will sell and food will be on our table. (and my husband really loves that I have let go of my desperate need to be the main provider for our family.) (Single mom for a long time)

So while I was sitting at home trying to figure out what to do with my time, I came  up with a plan. A probably crazy plan, but a plan none-the-less.

We are going to go a month without throwing away any food. Which *gasp* means leftovers need to be eaten. Fresh produce needs to be eaten regularly and we have to use what we have in the house, BECAUSE, I don’t want to spend more than $100 on food for the next 30 days.

That being said, we are pretty stocked on food right now. But everyone gets to the point where nothing in the cabinet looks good.

Tonight I had found a pasta recipe on Pinterest that took care of a couple things for me. We had a half eaten package of bacon, a wonky looking pepper (just dehydrating, not rotten) and spinach that will be bad in a couple days if it doesn’t get eaten.

My wonky peppers. Orange one has been eaten!

My wonky peppers. Orange one has been eaten!



The peppers and the leftover bacon cooking up.

The peppers and the leftover bacon cooking up.

photo 3

Our yummy pasta dinner with super cheap pasta from our bent and dent store.

I need to learn how to format my blog….

Anyway, everything cooked up into some awesome pasta that even that diva ate (which is a miracle). It made a ton of food, so my husband has leftovers to take to work and I have some to reheat for lunch tomorrow.

Also, because I have all this free time on my hands, I am going to try to blog everyday. Though that will probably work as well as me going to the gym everyday.

Tomorrow I will get into my plan on how to still make money and how I am going to work on streamlining my jewelry designs.


How do you save money on food? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Pretty sure it only rains on Saturdays when all of us want to be outside and actually have the time to be outside! My son wants to go ride his bike on the skateboard ramps. I would prefer that he never ever ever does that again because it scares me. But it makes him happy.

My daughter is at a Cinco de Mayo birthday party, but she is guaranteed to be whiny and cranky when she gets home because she can’t go outside to play. She will be indefinitely bored today.

I have to make a bunch of new jewelry today because over half of my inventory sold this last week. I wasn’t expecting that but it was awesome and a good problem to have!

Here are a couple of my new pieces. I have been so busy packaging orders that I haven’t had time to list these yet! Speaking of, I have another three orders to package before the mailman shows up! Again, not a bad problem to have!